CIS Complete and uTorrent

Hy guys, when I install CIS Complete, i cant seed anymore in uToorent. In uTorrent Option i see that its Port problems. What to do? How to fix this? Thanks a lot

look here Comodo Forum

Its not working, I still have problem!

try this, close utorrent. open CIS go to Firewall → stealth ports wizard. Then select the second option and hit ok. Then restart utorrent and you should get a firewall pop up asking if you want to allow an inbound connection on the port utorrent is using.

Well I think its working now. I contact Live Support and they connect to my comp and guess what, they didnt help me. She dont know what is the problem.
Anyway thanks a lot for helping me mate, I am enjoy and I will enjoying in your videos!!!

lukica11 lol

did it just start working or did you try my suggestion?

Did you ask them to help you configure utorrent so you could seed?

You can ask them to set up rules in CIS 4 so utorrent can work fully functional without issues and they should do it. I just got my utorrent set up by them.

First I use Remote Control with Comodo operator and they didnt fix the problem then I listen second suggestion of languy99 and its working now.
Thanks again

P.S. Do I need to change some other settings in CIS? I didnt change anything
Why CIS messing up with Ports?

No you don’t need to change anything else.