CIS competing for longest installation time?

I’m on Win 7 Ultimate x64 which might be good but not always especially where program installs are concerned. Some install in seconds while others can take several minutes. But 2 in particular make me tear my hair out!

Windows Live Essentials or Live Messenger takes between 6 to 8 hours to install and thereby takes the crown for the longest in the industry. I thought it was just me until I ran a search and discovered many others complaining of the same thing.

CIS appears to be competing for this crown though. The latest installer flew away up to 48% and stayed there for 26 minutes. Finally, it told me to restart to complete the installation process. On restart, it rapidly achieved 98% but then got stuck there for just under an hour. Moving to 99% I figured at last I was home and dry but no, another hour passed before I was asked to restart again!

Comodo, you failed to beat Microsoft for the longest install time but take heart because your app definitely wins for nuisance value. Are 2 restarts surely really necessary?

On the positive side, at last the program installs both firewall and antivirus together rather than firewall only forcing you to install the antivirus separately later.

All that said, now that the pain is over, I still prefer CIS to any other security suite. :slight_smile:

Hi 7Leagues,
That is an extraordinary long time to install, are you sure that you had no other conflicting programs running?

It usually only takes minutes with only one reboot, the Database updating taking the biggest percentage of that time.
Comodo Internet Security has always had the option to install both AV and FW available during installation.


Do you know how much ram your computer has?

I’m in agreement with CaptainSticks. I believe there are other software conflicting here.

The only other security program I have running is Malwarebytes.
Never have I been offered the option of installing both since the release of v5, up until last night that is. I always had to install the AV as an additional component from the start menu afterwards.

@ Rman87, I have 8 GB of RAM.

Hi 7Leagues,
Malwarebytes free should not interfere, but Malwarebytes paid version might due to it having active protection.

Some installers are scripted to only install a certain component.
Personal Firewall will not give the option for the AV during install (Available after).
Comodo Internet Security should give the option to install the components together or individually during install.

If it appears to be running correctly I would be inclined to leave it be until future installs are required and when that time comes it might be worth running the unofficial Uninstaller Tool for Comodo Products in between uninstall/reinstall.

oh, okay. I just thought that maybe you may not have had a lot of memory because I’ve never heard of stuff going slow with a lot of memory, but I’m not all that tech savvy.

I presume that would delete all my configurations. Is there any way to export them and then reimport after installation?

Importing/Exporting and Managing Personal Configurations
Does that help?

Looks good to me! Thanks very much. :slight_smile:

You are welcome, all the best. :slight_smile: