CIS compatible with Windows 7 XP Mode?

I installed CIS on XP Mode in Windows 7.
As normal it requested a reboot, but as Windows loaded it logged me out on XP Mode (by default it has it’s own password, that can be changed by the user).
I did receive an error by XP Mode, but I was doing something else and missed the message.

So will CIS be compatible with XP Mode in the future?

I know that KeyScrambler doesn’t work with XP Mode.

You can install CIS straight under Win 7 without having to go to compatibility mode. Why do you want to run it in XP mode?

Can you show us the message including Windows event?

XP mode users must run security softwares separately from the host Windows.
Because XP mode is just same as VM.
That’s why he wants to run it in XP mode.
I only use XP mode for testing, but I prefer VMWare.

Where can I find that?

I assumed pranaygtr runs cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe in XP compatibility mode.

At pranaygtr: do you mean with XP mode the VM that allows to run programs under XP in a virtual machine or do you mean you run cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe in XP compatibility mode (via right click on the file → Properties → Compatibility)?

He runs CIS in XP mode(VM).

Control Panel>System and Security>Administrative Tools>Event viewer

Did you see this error?

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Yes, I think it was.

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