CIS compatibility with Online Armor

Hi Folks.

Anyone know whether CIS is compatible with Online Armor (use both at same time, etc). If there is a howto link, be glad to read that first (no “compatible” search results though).

Thank much in advance, Diligent

I see no point in using both 88)

Bad idea to use two Firewalls at once, for similar reasons as to why you shouldn’t use 2 AV’s at once :wink:

However, both are very good firewalls. Just bear in mind that CIS is far more feature-packed than OA Free, and IMO, offers better protection.

Just make the decision as to which one you want to use :slight_smile:

Thanks for your thoughts Commodus & Beanie.

The basic idea, is that (I assumed) firewalls and av’s worked similar to, say, a-squared and superanitspyware, and etc, whereas e.g. when one does not catch a certain malware the other does, cause one does not scan for that one malware and the other does.

I see that with OA, one can “close and shut down”, so the idea was to disable OA, when using Comodo.

Am I all wet on this, or ???

Both OA and CIS install kernel drivers, network drivers. OA has HIPS and CIS has D+ which is also HIPS. The possibility of conflicts is very high even if one of them is disabled :slight_smile:

And most importatly - you won’t be any safer using both of these security packages :slight_smile:

OK, on the supposition that I can uninstall OA and reinstall later, how do I know what e.g. virus signatures CIS detects as opposed to OA. ???

Online Armor is a firewall with HIPS and it doesn’t have an antivirus, while CIS has.

Geeze, I just learned something—not having used a firewall before (other that the basic click on-off windows one).

Just so I got this right, a firewall is not based on malware (e.g. virus) signatures, right–wrong?

Correct. Firewall and HIPS goal is to prevent malware from infecting you, while antivirus is a second line of defense.

Right :), but firewall also protects you from malware by blocking/stealthing ports which are commonly used by trojans etc. And as Commodus posted, having two firewalls or antiviruses with real time scanning is very bad idea. You can use CIS which contains AV and Firewall+HIPS, or OA with Comodo Antivirus.

This is new to me, pls enlighten just a bit (e.g. how it blocks…) Thanks, Diligent

As I said before I am not pro, but as far as I know: When certain ports are open, for example 137, your pc can be vulnerable for trojan attacks, because a lot of malware(and hackers) scans for open ports. Firewall stealths these ports so malware and hackers can not see them.

You can test your ports at

Breen: Ok, think I got the gen idea. In part, I misread your (qoated) post. Your further explanation also gives me a better idea as to what subject(s) that you were focused on.

Much Apreciated, Diligent. :slight_smile:

Just keep in mind that if you are sitting behind a router, this scan will be testing your router, not your software firewall.