CIS closing port


I’m a programmer and I have created a small service application. It is a simple socket server that listens on port 9091 and sends data to connected programs. Using XP service pack3. This has worked great until I installed CIS3.5.5… (previously used ZA all fully uninstalled)

I can connect to the service and it comes up in the active connections but it closes down instantly and the socket only receives a connecting state never a connected state. The worrying thing is that if I set the firewall to off the same happens and if I uninstall the firewall its the same. The only thing that works is uninstalling the whole of CIS then it works again.

Can anyone shed any light on this.



If uninstalling the firewall does not work I can only presume the problem is with Defence+ please try deleting all rules for your app. then put Defence+ in training mode for a short time when you run your app.
EDIT It should show in the Defence+ logs if something is blocked but does not sometimes.