CIS : Check for updates bug??!! Help pls

I am using the CIS Version 3.12.111745.560 and CIS is displaying a message that update is available… but when I visit the site all i see the same old version i.e, Version 3.12.111745.560 : 18th September, 2009

if i press update…the update begins… what is the version that is getting updated?? is it the same one?

can comodo support or anybody in the forum pls tell me what is happening as I got no reply to the post i made here :THNK

the comodo firewall is still reporting that updateis available but in the website it is the same version… can comodo support pls clarify…

This happens if your installation is missing a file, if you click to update, it will download the file.

Have you tried running the diagnostics:
Miscellaneous > Diagnostics

What does it report?

the diagnostic tool did not find any fault in the installation.This is the msg - " The diagnostics utility did not find any problems with your installation"

so everything seems OK and yet CIS is displaying the update msg…why??

Can you try a clean install of CIS?

Did you install CIS on a Admin account? If not pls do so.

it was in an admin account… but i reinstalled with the copy i had earlier. now it has stopped displaying that update msg…thanks for the help

The problem is cropping up again now in windows 7. I installaed CIS in the win 7 but again the pop msg that comodo update is available is being displayed. but when Ii visit the comodo site…it displays the latest update that was released on September 18, 2009. what is the problem?

i did the diagnostic test and Comodo did not find any problems in the installation.

There is a new update today.

Presently I have installed Comodo firewall Version 3.13.121240.574

But from yesterday comodo update is again reporting that an update is available but in the release note in the comodo site it is the same version - Version 3.13.121240.574 : 25th November, 2009

why is this happening again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again??

reinstalling doesd not help at all as this problem repeats after a few days… :frowning:

Hi w2phoenix,

You are running Windows7 right?, maybe where dealing with “VirtualStore” issues here can you check the following folder to see if there is something in there?

c:\user<>\appdata\local\virtualstore\program files\comodo\

and if there is a folder there what’s in it?

now again this update bug confuses me…

presently I have this CIS version (which was downloaded from
Comodo Internet Security 3.13.126709.581

in the comodo release notes page ( ) this version:
Comodo Internet Security 3.13.125662.579

in this the version
Comodo Internet Security 3.14.129887

now what is the official version?? why are there so many versions? now this confusion?

presently using winxp 64bit

There have been an number of bug-fixes lately on the AV engine that’s why there are so many updates.

The forums always hold the latest version, and regrettably the web servers are not updated in sync with the release of the software’s.

thanks for the reply…since i am not using comodo av, do i need o update??

where do i find that dl link in the forum… pls

No there is no urgent need to update if you only use Firewall, but if you use leak-protection (Defense+) then i would advise to install the latest version, which you can find here

If you are limited on bandwidth pleas consider an export configuration, uninstall, install, import config. This will prevent you from downloading AV updates that you don’t use… The updater is not smart enough to only download the files without the AV part…