CIS changing desktop icon settings

I hate having my desktop icons showing and i like them to always be hidden. CIS once installed forces the registry to revert to default of showing Desktop icons after a few seconds when windows loads. Ive tested my computer with a full clean Windows 7 install and then installing CIS as the only additional program.

These are the registry settings i set followed by the ones CIS changes upon loading windows:

I set:
Reverts to after windows load:

is there a way to protect and not allow CIS to change this value at start? This sounds petty but this is enough to make me stop using the program… i absolutely hate desktop icons showing and rather use a dock and rainmeter for all my file needs. I guess i could suck it up and no longer use my desktop or install Fences… but id rather just stop CIS from modifying that registry entry.

Just to be clear, that registry entry is rthe same thing as right clicking the desktop then VIEW then Show Dekstop Icons. neither is saved upon boot, CISreverts the choice to default “Show Desktop Icons” And i know its CIS thats doing this no other program is installed besides CIS.

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I haven’t heard of this problem yet, but it seems like a bug to me. You can report it on the CIS Bug Board if you’d like.

Try adding those registry entries to your “Protected Registry Keys”
(Defense+ > Common Tasks > My Protected Registry Keys)

I’m not sure if this will solve the problem, as protecting the keys may only protect them from other processes modifying them. It’s worth a shot though.