CIS breaks functionality of sXe Injected 8

Hi to all,
Today I could finally get my hands on the new sXe Injected 8.0, an anticheat system for Half-Life based games such as Counter-Strike.
But my joy wouldn’t last long. When I tried to launch HL, sXe popped up saying “Intercept error, sXe will now close.” Full system rights given with Defense+.

The only way to make it work is to deactivate Defense+ permanently.

Any ideas? Or maybe I’ll have to wait till next CIS release?


Same problem here.

When i used the Comodo Firewall only, nothing happens.

But with the CIS with the SXE 7.8 already have problems.

If somebody could get a solution ASAP i appreciate.


sXe has been updated to version 8.0. You should update it to the latest version, although CIS will still interfere with it.

Anyone could look at this? HeffeD?

Im using sxe 8 two days from now.

Almost got working…

That message “intercept error” dont appear anymore. But the CS doesnt recognize the sxe yet…

If u wanna try, go to “Defence +” / “My own safety filles” (My CIS is in portuguese version, i guess is that option or some kind of it in english) / “add” / selecionate the Valve directory and SXE dir. / move both to the right / check “subdirectory” option bellow, and apply.

something is missing, but is a beggining…

I am not using this software. Can you show us a screenshot of the logs of Defense +? They can be found under Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + alerts.

a) sXe is now compatible with CIS. Just download Fix 3 and voila.
b) No logs, everything is as blank as usual.
c) Just add ddsxei.sys, sxe.dll and sxe injected.exe to Safe Files or give them Windows System Application permissions.

HELLLO man i got a BIG BIG massive enourmos problrm here n thts i downloaded sXe injected 8 n bt when i click it it open n appearently it looks working bt when i connect to cs 1.6 any server they kkick me says sXe injected required in this server while on ma desktop is shows working n open …i really cant enjy ma cs bcoz of this sXe injected 8 plz any1 any body help :cry: meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thankx

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Does this help?

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