CIS breaks context menus of windows....

so i wanted to give the new version a try today and stumbled across this odd issue that the context menu in windows are invisible when its installed which makes it unusable.
also all the context menus in CIS itself are invisible which makes it a guess play to do anything.

is there a solution to this problem?
oh and if im at it is there a way to get the old GUI back from version 3 or so?

Can you please post a screenshot of this? Also, which operating system are you using?


i had quite a time with your software the last days…
i already had comodo uninstalled but decided to install it again to make some screen shots. however it seemed the menus were working fine at first, then i rebooted and after the login screen comodo locked my system… i could still move my mouse but that was about all i could do… so the only way out was a hard reset and wiping it in safe mode.
after that i tried again installing it from safe mode but the same problem manifested, locked up windows after login.
i used system restore after that to go back to the first install state of comodo and that seemed to work and also the menus were empty again…
so i gave it an other try, wiped from there all comodo traces (including registry) and reinstalled in safe mode once more.
after some hiccups at first boot it seems to run for now. but that gave me quite some work and if i would be a normal user i probably could have reinstalled the complete windows system to get things running again.
im not so sure what went wrong especially with the locked windows after boot but it doesn’t leave a very secure feeling in my guts:(

for the screen shots you asked for, i was not able to make screen shots of the empty menus because they “closed” when i took a screen shot so i “faked” how it looked.

OS: Windows 7 64bit Home Premium (SP1)

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That is very strange. I don’t think I’ve seen an issue like this before.

However, I’m happy to hear that you got it fixed. For future reference, following the advice I give here likely would have been able to solve the problem. It really sounds like there was some sort of a conflict, or that something was blocked which shouldn’t be.

Let me know if you have any further problems, although hopefully everything works fine from here out.