CIS blocks networked OfficeJet printer

I recently installed an HP OfficeJet 8500 on my small network. It works correctly for each of the attached PC’s - until I enable the CIS firewall on any of them. There is no indication from CIS that it is blocking access - no pop-up messages, no entries in the firewall log. I am forced to use the XP firewall! What am I missing?

Looks like 220 people have viewed this message, but nobody has tried to answer the problem. That’s too bad, because I am having a similar problem; I just installed Firewall 5.4.1xxxx and now MS Word and Excel can’t print to my JP LaserJet, which is not networked. Notepad prints to the printer and Windows XP prints a test page, but the apps can’t print.

The “geek buddy” free help at the 866 number was worth exactly what I paid for it, i.e. nothing.

I believe I’ll try another firewall app.

Hi ranbush,

as your printer is not networked, your problem comes from Defense+. Set Defense+ in training mode while printing with MSOffice. Defense+ will automatically make the adequate rules to allow the printer. You can then return to your usual setting for Defense+.