CIS blocks all internet traffic

I’ve been using CIS it for a couple of months now and it’s an excellent product.
However, I have an annoying problem…

For some reason, for the last week CIS has been blocking my Internet Access.
I get a prompt which says something like “Firewall has found a new network [ip address], what do you want to do”? Knowing the network is my Livebox, I allow access. Shortly after that I get an exclamation mark in the rhs taskbar, then the red crossed icon.

Setting the Firewall Security Level to “Disabled” then Device Manager > Disable my Network Adapter then Enable, gives me back Internet Access. I’ve been using The Windows Firewall so I can get on to this forum and hopefully resolve the issue!

I have included some screenshots of my CIS settings in case it helps. Thanks

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Hey and Welcome!

have you tried to add the ip address from the router? try to see that the router is not blocking CIS or the other way around (that CIS blocks it). try to add the router in D+


Can you show a screenshot of the event from the firewall logs (View Firewall Events). Can you tell what the IP address of your computer is?

Hmm. This issue seems to have gone away.
I’m now thinking it has more to do with hardware rather than software, in particular the ethernet cabling frim the livebox itself.
Thanks everyone.