CIS blocks access to sftpd

I installed a sFTPd locally, it can also receive ssh.
I can’t connect to it though, the CIS blocks it somehow, but it doesn’t give any alerts or warnings or show me how to let the connection in. I can only get in when I turn off the whole CIS firewall…
where can I see a log of what’s going on, what’s blocking it, how should I best enable it to allow sftpd/ssh in?

Figured it out myself.
For some reason this installation of CIS failed to generate the Firewall Rule that is present afaik normally, or maybe I added it myself to my main PC at some point:
ALLOW all incoming TCP/UDP traffic from HOME NETWORK.
I know it would be more secure to just allow a limited set of traffic, like to ports 21/22 for SSH/SFTP, maybe I’ll change it to be more secure, but anyway. It works now.

Still it’s a bit strange to me that the CIS Firewall didn’t even generate a popup or other warning, or even show the connection attempts in the LIVE Traffic view or Killswitch… It just blocked it and didn’t even show it as a Network Intrusion attempt or list it anywhere… why?

I have set CIS to “custom ruleset” because I like to block/allow every single app myself.

Apropos, the German translation for incoming/outgoing is WRONG.
it says EIN oder AUS, which means ON or OFF.
The real German would say: REIN oder RAUS, you know the old in-and-out game…
maybe the translator was ashamed to use the proper German terms.

Hi Rittmeister,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
We will report this to the related team and update you.


well, EIN/AUS is also correct, it’s abbreviated for EINgehend / AUSgehend (in/outgoing).
don’t bother.