CIS blocking share access

Trying to get share access from a Linux PC to a Windows share - which fails in the Linux box with the message:

“Failed to retrieve the share list from server: connection timed out”

So what am I doing on this forum?

The Linux machine has no firewall, the Windows 7 machine is running CIS with AV stateful, Firewall Safe Mode, Auto Sandbox Enabled and HIPS disabled.

I have not set any custom rules.

If I disable the firewall from the system tray icon, the Linux machine can immediately browse all the network shares. If I check the firewall logs - nothing appears to be blocked…I do not get any alert either…but if I switch the firewall on/off I get blocked when it is on and allowed when it is off.

I might have lost the plot completely and be overlooking something obvious - but for the life of me I can’t think what it is.

I have tried a number of custom rulesets - including an “Allow All” rule - but everything produces the same result: no log info and blocked when the FW is ‘on’.

Other firewall products seem to have no issues - as long as I have configured them correctly :slight_smile:

I joined this forum because I’m currently losing the will to live :frowning:

Any help would be much appreciated, because the only solution I have found so far is to swap out Comodo Firewall for competing products - all of which work flawlessly. I don’t really want to go this route though - I would much rather know what is going wrong - even if it is user error :slight_smile: