CIS Blocking OfficeJet6700 on wireless network!!

Hello all, I have a customer who was thrilled with the installation of CIS the other day, until she tried to print to her OfficeJet 6700 on her wireless network (standard DSL modem through a DLink wireless router.) I browsed the Firewall Events and could not find any thing remotely that resembled the firewall blocking anything!! I uninstalled CIS and reinstalled her drivers for the printer. Everything worked, her laptop found her printer and it was discovered on her wireless network. I reinstalled Comodo Internet Security and there was no longer any communication between her laptop and her printer!! I have since uninstalled the firewall from CIS and left the Antivirus in place. She has her printer back, but I am at a loss here. Why is Comodo Firewall blocking the wireless printer from her laptop???

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Do you know the Ip address of your printer? Go to your router and find out which devices you have on your network and then find your printer. After that go to CIS → Firewall —> Stealth waizard guide → Define a new trusted network and make my ports stealth for everyone else.

Valentin N

Okay … the printer IP is … at the moment, I am not at the customer’s house. As I have been browsing the forums, could it be the checked box of [Block Fragmented IP Datagrams] under the Advanced tab of the Firewall Behavior Settings? I noticed yesterday during some testing of her laptop and the sending of the printer test page that there was a long activity even for a small (13.4KB) notepad file. Not sure yet but would like to be correct before I make another trip to her house.

you can get the subnet mask (write in cmd ipconfig /all). Sometime is helps to disable Block Fragmented IP Datagrams.

Valentin N

Valentin ~ thks for responding so quickly. Sooooo, let me understand the first procedure a little better … in order to make the wizard work, what is more productive? To trust a selected network or define and trust a new network? I noticed that her DLink router has assigned IP addresses via DHCP in the range from (Gateway) through Would that be the range of IP addresses to use? Should I insert the IP addresses such as this?

Starting IP []
Ending IP [] or Subnet Mask [ . . . ]

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Hi AKHandyman,

If you wish to allow based on subnet they you should configure it as

The last 0 in the subnet tells the system that 192.168.0.[1-255] are local and for every other IP it needs to contact the “default gateway”. So the first part is network 192.168.0 and the host part is [1 to 255].