CIS blocking my ethernet and it says still installing

I downloaded and installed the CIS software yesterday 3.8.65951
.47 on my Windows XP.

When it was almost finished installing, it asked if it could run a virus scan so i selected yes then while scanning it was almost complete then my computer stalled.

after rebooting and trying to finishing installing it would not, it also caused my internet to not work at all and it stated that my connection was limited.

there is no unistall link in the programs file for Comodo so i went to the add/remove section and it is not there?

is there any way i can un-install CIS and reload it?

Hello there :),

I’ve seen in your other post that you have Revo uninstaller. Is comodo listed in that one ? If so, delete Comodo, erase all it’s traces and reboot, try installing again :slight_smile:


i have not tried revo yet. i will later today when i get home.

also if it doesn’t show in revo can cis be removed still?

Well, in that case I would sujest you to download the installer again and see if you can remove it with that…


okay thanks…

also could this be a problem as well with CIS… after rebooting my pc it now shows the cis icon on the task bar anyway it popped up a box saying cis is still installing do you want to go back to regular mode or keep installing?

i chose keep installing?

should i wait to see if it will finish then see if i can remove the application from my pc?