CIS blocking Internet Explorer?

Thanks to your great assistance, I was able to uninstall my previous Comodo products and install CIS successfully.

Now I have a new problem. Internet Explorer is returning a “Page cannot be displayed” value even though my internet connection (cable via wired router) is working at 100% connectivity. I thought that my IE was corrupted, removed the program and installed MSN explorer with came with my XP setup.

MSN explorer is working fine, except that I hate it. It won’t let me open new tabs, will not let me change the home page to the one I want, has some strange home page shell, a host of complaints.

Since msn explorer is working fine, I decided to reinstall IE7. It still is returning the same error message.

Is there a chance that CIS has a setting that is blocking it?

I just found the other thread that is simiilar to this, and will try to check the Defense section when I get home. However, I would appreciate any additional suggestions you might have. I do not have any lingering old antivirus, etc. I removed all those files using Glary Utilities last week, prior to installing CIS.

Look in the D+ section → Advanced → Computer Security Policy → now look up the rule for Internet Explorer and change it to web browser.

Thanks! I will give it a try tonight.