CIS blocking IE8


I am having issues with ie8 accessing the internet with CIS unless I disable the firewall.

I have three computers installed with CIS:

  1. Dell WinXP Pro ie7 - working fine on home network.

  2. TPG WinXP Home ie8 - Family safety cannot login unless firewall is disabled. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling CIS (firewall only) but still not working. Discovered the problem after changing my ISP connection last week but couldn’t see why that would make a difference. I am now thinking I also upgraded to ie8 not long before this.

  3. HP WinXP Pro ie8 - working fine at the office network (Microsoft firewall client to access thru ISA). Just tried it at home tonight, but ie8 is having erratic problems at home (google worked, but most other sites are blocked). Checked firewall settings, iexplore has in/out access for all protocols. Turned off firewall and working fine, but interesting thing is I started a windows update and CIS only shows outgoing traffic - no incoming traffic. Task manager shows a large amount of incoming with a little outgoing.

Is it possible CIS is not detecting ie8 download traffic, but is blocking it somehow when on the home network but not at work? Is it possible the change in ISP would cause problems? I will try ie8 at work tommorow from the DMZ and see if I have similar problems to home.


Please check your firewall events/logs (Firewall > View Firewall Events) Do you have anything there regarding iexplore.exe ?

Also Check Your Policy for iexplore.exe (Firewall > Advance > Network Security Policy > find iexplore.exe) Whats the settings for it?


I’m using CIS 3.8 and IE8 on Vista behind a Linksys wireless router and everything works fine.

Hi Jacob,

iexplore.exe is currently set to Web Browser. I did have this as Custom (Allow IP Out From IP Any To IP Any Where Protocol Is Any) but changed this yesterday after reading other forums entries suggesting the Web Browser setting. (p.s. A sort or search function for this list would be great)

There are no event logs concerning iexplore.exe (just blocked entries for C:\Windows Media Player\wmpnetwk.exe).

I have just tested at work, this time simulating a similar network setup as at home and I can find no problems here with ie8 or CIS.
Home (problems) = HP PC - Wireless to ADSL (Dynalink)
Work Test (no problems) = HP PC - Wireless to AP (D-Link) - Cable to ADSL (Linksys)

I may try a different ADSL modem at home, the dynalink is a rather old model and our ISP has been upgraded (hopefully to ADSL2) but the dynalink only does ADSL1. I first noticed CIS problems after changing the ISP. I have also been having an issue since I had this ADSL modem where PC’s on DHCP stop browsing (requires a ipconfig /registerdns to fix). One PC with a static IP not had this problem.


Just installed the new ADSL2+ router and it is connecting using ADSL2+ and now it all works fine when I turn the firewall back on. Not sure how the old router was causing the problem but it’s better now with a new router.