CIS Blocked System Files and Programs Question or Problem

Hi, I did a clean installation of Windows 10. Then I installed CIS. I have configured Proactive Security. CIS is blocking some important things. Blocked things include Windows system files and some Comodo components, such as Comodo Secure Shopping (I added pictures). Is this a problem? If this is not a problem, why is the CIS doing such a block?

Thanks. My English is not so good. From what I understand, it’s a way Comodo uses to protect himself. More importantly CIS is having problems with the 1903 version of Windows 10. Does this affect the availability of the product?

No - it doesn’t. It is a logging / display issue and has no effect on the functioning of CIS with Windows 10

Thanks. I think users are not satisfied with the latest version of CIS. Users are expecting updates for Windows 10 (1903) incompatibility issues. However, you think CIS is available for Windows 10 (1903). I think I should load CIS and move on without going into too much detail. If something happens, I will continue with YUMI Multiboot (Bitdefender, ESET and Kaspersky Rescue) :slight_smile: