CIS Blocked Something Non-malicious

Okay, this is irritating. Each day, I visit a website that Comodo hasn’t found a problem with, and I go about my day no problem.

As of yesterday, I tried to go to the same webstie thatI visit every day and Comodo has blocked it for “Malicious Software”.This morning, I uninstalled Comodo to see if it would stop blocking the site, but I guess Comodo wants to keep me safe even if I don’t want it to interfere with my web-browsing.

Is there anyone who can help me get around the block it set up?

Sounds like a DNS issue.

You can report the site here.

You can also disable SecureDNS. Following either the Win XP instructions, or Vista/Win 7 instructions, navigate to the window shown in the final step, and select the option to Obtain DNS server address automatically.

I tried messing with the DNS, but nothing changed.

Could you post a screenshot of the message?

Here we go.

I know I’m not the most technilogically-savvy person in my apartment, but I think something might be wrong.

looks like the site is clean but it has elements associated with other sites that provide some form of malware Safe? Check it Now | URLVoid

also, its the dns, you have not changed it back, that is why it is still blocking.

The site does provide links to news feeds and a few other resources. It’s just that all of these weren’t a problem until yesterday, when I’ve been using the site for months.

to get it removed, go here and pick DNS form the drop down, fill in the info and submit it to comodo, should be fixed soon.

Click Start, then click Run, and type CMD, then press Enter.

At the command prompt, type ipconfig /all. If the addresses listed under DNS Servers are the addresses for SecureDNS, ( and you haven’t disabled them as in the instructions I linked above.

If you are sure you’ve made the proper changes and the problem still exists, clear your browser cache, then go back to the command prompt and type ipconfig /flushdns to see if that helps.