CIS beta for Windows 8 Customer Preview

Ah well :slight_smile: no big deal, just surprised me, but that’s not hard :slight_smile:

The joys of beta testing… 8)

What’s the difference between this BETA and current release for Windows 7 and prior?

This release uses new possibilities of the Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) that Windows 8 provides and should solve compatibility issues with Avast 7.

It is based on CIS version 5.8.

Egemen, are you interested in some minidumps of blue screens?

does everyone has weird looking UI like mine in win8 consumer preview??

image attached below:

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That is the Metal Normal theme.

i wasn’t telling about theme…
its the blue bar…
image is attached below:

however, the problem is solved by updating CIS 5.8 to 5.10… weird!!!

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is it stable enough this win 8 build to take time installing on a separate drive ?
if it’s possible to surf the web without crash all the time, I’ll download it and test next comodo on it.
but if it’s full of troubles, I don’t want to waste several days trying to make it run.
there’s also kaspersky working on 2013 products for windows 8.
what do you think ? stable enough this win8 to start a testing of the next comodo ?

1.) IE10 (Metro-IE) tries to connect to a website.
2.) You use costum policy mode.
3.) You can´t see the comodo popup in metro style. You have to change to desktop in order to see the popup.

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It’s certainly stable enough, however, having used DP and now the CP over the last six months, I have my doubts whether it’s interesting enough to spend much time with. If you’re worried, the RC should be out by the end of June…

Assuming one wants any kind of control, this is the situation for all Metro style applications:

Re: CIS beta for Windows 8 Customer Preview

Unfortunately, for those who like Metro and it’s toys, currently at least, it’s going to be a pain. However, for what it’s worth, the same is true of the other third-party, Windows 8, firewalls I’ve looked at. I imaging they will have to tie the product into the notification system, which I’m sure will came later.

It’s stable enough. I am running of course Opera browsers on it. Heck, yesterday I installed VM Ware and was able to run my Ubuntu in vm without a problem.

To put notifications on the metro part, if I’m not mistaken, an application must be a metro one hence full screen and downloadable only through the MS store. A metro application could not be run in the “legacy desktop application” and metro applications are sandboxed; notifications come through MS server on a push method. So how will a security software works in these conditions? Assuming it could work correctly, doesn’t the construction of the dual OS means that CIS would also be dual : one version for the desktop and one for full screen crapware?

As far as I’m aware, only Metro Style Applications can use the Windows Push Notification Service (WNS) but desktop applications can use ToastNotificationManager class providing they have a shortcut on the start page.

Why not make CIS run in Gaming/Full-Screen mode when using the Metro-UI?

I was unaware of that feature. So a desktop application non “metro-ized” could have notifications in metro. Lets suppose Defense+ issues a popup for a running metro application (hence full screen), could the popup appeared in the metro application screen or would it vanished unanswered because non visible? What a “melting pot”!

That’s a good question and one I’m not qualified to answer. In reality, they’ll have to do something to alert users of firewall/AV/HIPs issues, but what shape that takes…

Maybe, with regard to this, it’s time to see what the current state of play is…

Edit: I just had a quick look round and found:

Use toasts for transient and important notifications

In addition to Tile notifications, Toast notifications can also be used to notify users of real time events. Unlike tile updates that are passive, toast notifications in Metro style apps are important updates that will interrupt users. They show up on the top right of the screen and can appear anywhere in the system.

Design case study: Website to Metro style app

Although this is talking about two Metro style apps, as I mentioned earlier, toasts can be generated by desktop apps. I’m just not sure, having never seen one, if they’re interactive.

This is me personally but windows 8 sucks. I will not use it and I suspect that most businesses will not either. If Microsoft wants to be smart they will have a windows 8 mobile and a PC one. What they are doing now I don’t like at all and will be sticking with windows 7 for a while. I don’ know about others but this thing is so weird I can’t bring myself to use it.

i completely agree. windows 8 seems ok on a tablet but on a PC its horrible. Idk why microsoft thinks it could be used on both