CIS beta for Windows 8 Customer Preview

I’m not seeing much in the logs, so far, just the compatibility issue.

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Are you running x86 or x64 and on real hardware or virtual?
Mine is x64 on VMWare Workstation 8, Guest settings Windows 7, x64.

No alerts shown until GUI is manually started.

After I reboot my Win8, CFP seems not to be started automatically, this causes alerts not to be shown until I manually start cfp.exe and allow the UAC prompt.
cfp.exe is present in the \Run key but fails to start for me.

Anybody else experiencing the same?

I have x86 in a VMWare Workstation 8 and x64 on bare metal.

That’s exactly what I was seeing earlier, in the VM. I had to go through several installs before everything sorted itself out. The bare metal x64 seems quite happy, for now…

I have both events, the one shown by Ronny and the one shown by Radaghast.

I thought CIS was running fine after applying Microsoft compatibility program resolver. Indeed, as I was restoring from snapshot hence no reboot. After manually rebooting, I too had to relaunch CIS through the GUI. VM machine x86.

I only have the regular wininit notification that it will load guard32.dll. See attached image.

I did see after reboot after installing the notification that cfp.exe would not run because it had compatibility issues. I told Windows to run it anyway and then it worked fine.

For people who had BSOD’s, I had four, trying to install don’t forget to run checkdisk and system file checker. The blue screens had messed with some system files which were straightened out by system file checker.

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One thing I’ve noticed, the GUI (cfp.exe) takes a long time to load, after a reboot, especially in the VM. From what I’ve seen it’s pretty much the last thing to load on the desktop.

Returning to my earlier question regarding Metro Application packages. Windows firewall uses a process not dissimilar to the way it handles rules for individual services, Essentially, each package is identified by a SID and the rule is applied to the SID. In CIS, it appears the rules are applied to the individual components of a package, for example:

WWAHost.exe - Metro Application Host
WSClient.dll - Windows Store Client
Map.exe - Maps executable
BackgroundTransferHost.exe - Windows Background Broker Infrastructure Task Host

And so on. The component involved and thus the rule required, will depend on the Metro Application. As more Metro Applications become available, the number of components ans thus rules are likely to increase. may I assume this will be simplified somehow.

On the same subject, currently, there’s a problem using CIS with Metro applications. When a Metro Application is launched, it’s full screen on the Metro desktop, however, any alerts from CIS are only available on the ‘legacy desktop’ which means switching between the two environments. That’s going to cause confusion for a lot of people, when their Metro Applications won’t work.

There is a small mistake about the release date on that website ;D

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The version number is 5.8, so…the date on the website is correct~~

From the link in the OP:

;D and it still goes to a 404 if allowed…

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The link is Free Antivirus for Windows 8 | Antivirus Free Download for Windows 8, not Free Antivirus for Windows 8 | Antivirus Free Download for Windows 8 The latter goes to 404. :wink:

Probably worth changing the OP…

Nope. Worth not trying to connect “securely”, as I can see in your image that you did. :wink: I guess you use some SSL-add-on?

Ah! I misread, I thought it was supposed to be a secure connection! That aside and to answer your question, no, not on this Nightly profile. I do, however, have HTTPS Everywhere on my Aurora profile. Guess I’ll have to do some digging…

Just out of curiosity, is this version supposed to update to 5.10?

I don’t think so, but I can guess what happens if you ‘check for updates’ :wink:

That’s just it, I didn’t do a manual check, it offered, so I let it run. It updated to 5.10, rebooted and kept on running…

We get the same thing with mod previews. They will check for update and will tell there is one there. When allowing the update you end up with the latest stable version… :smiley: