CIS beta for Windows 8 Customer Preview

Hello Guys,

The issue is avast intercepts WEB connections at the driver level and redirects connections to its own local proxy.

Because CIS operates at NDIS layer i.e. the lowest layer of the protection, it sees the actual connection i.e. avast proxy. Normally CIS should have blocked the loppback area connection to the proxy however because of the limitations in Windows 7, it fails.

CIS uses TDI, WFP and NDIS to provide its firewall functionality. WFP maybe enough ti implement an average firewall but it is not enough for a firewall like CFW so that it could not be used alone wihtout the support of the other 2 technologies. Windows 8 allowed us to use WFP more than previous windows editions and it should not be a problem with the next CIS editions which support Windows 8.

If you are interested in you can check Windows 8 BETA of CIS from Free Antivirus for Windows 8 | Antivirus Free Download for Windows 8 for the most uptodate edition and see the progress wiht this issue. It should not be a problem with this version. However please keep in mind that this is a strictly BETA version.

Download url’s for CIS beta for Win 8 Consumer Preview:

32 bits version:
MD5: BD83E8F9E9A0806B5FF3ED5064C19774
SHA-1: ABA61A2B66262A573556DCA88368C24F70B07353

64 bits version:
MD5: 0435E6679422A2A752F30159889C407F
SHA-1: C29B1D904CBC5AA7398096FBF93E47D1BA52AE7E

This version is based CIS v5.8.228740.2254. It may not immediately install successfully and running the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter may be needed to be able to install it.

The automatic program updater will tell there is an update. Please do not update as it will install the latest stable version which is not working on Windows 8.

Make sure to disable Automatically check for program updates to not get notified about program updates.

Thanks for the reply egemen :-TU Unfortunately, I’m getting a 404 on the link provided.

Hmm. Weird. Here are MSI links for BETA:

Thanks. Got those :slight_smile:


Thanks for your answer.

Do you know if Microsoft considers fixing in a SP2 the limitations of Win7 you mentioned?

so what is different about this beta? i installed it seems to be 5.8. are the drivers changed

It may not be necessary. For this particular issue, we may have a workaround. We are looking into it.

I’m not having much luck with this version. I’ve tried both x86 and x64 on bare metal and VMware and in all cases it’s reporting “The network firewall is not functioning properly - Run Diagnostics” It also kills the network connection. If I deselect the firewall driver on the NIC, the connection is re-established. Diagnostics suggests all is well

Edit: The above was on Windows 7. However, unless I misunderstand, that was fruitless exercise, as these versions are Windows 8 only?

Thank you for your answer.

I don’t think they will do anything for SP2, as it remains the same in Windows 8 and the unofficial stance seems to be, the firewall doesn’t block localhost connections…

Thanks for the Win 8 version. Will install it on my Win 8 CP. Good to have CIS on it as well.

Out of sheer curiosity. Could you elaborate a bit on the three mentioned layers and where Win 7 and Win 8 differ with regard to the fliltering? Do you have some type of schematic diagram to make it visual for us non techies?

Here is some nice reading on that Porting Packet-Processing Drivers and Apps to WFP - Windows drivers | Microsoft Learn

I managed to get it working under Windows 8 CP, although had initial comparability issues. CIS installed ok, and the initial launch was fine but after a reboot it wouldn’t run. changed the comparability and on the second install it seemed to work. With regard to the question at hand, it now blocks Avast correctly. :-TU

The question then, is this ‘fix’ only going to be available under Windows 8 or are the problems with the driver I reported a couple of posts up, just a bug under Windows 7?

Radaghast. Did you set the installer to Win 7 compatibility mode?

I encountered the same problem as Radaghast in Win8 CP. Windows asked to solve the problem and when I checked the option that the software was working fine in win7, Windows could solve the compatibility issue.

I tried the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter. I ran the installer and again it blue screened.

After boot up the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter did not start again. Which was a disappointment as it seemed nothing was registered, I ran it again, installed CIS and it worked. Yaaayyyyy… 8) ;D

Seems I misunderstood the original post, I thought these new versions were backward compatible with Windows 7, but that doesn’t seem to be the case?

That aside, the ‘Compatibility’ issue with Windows 8 CP seems a bit hit and miss. On x86 CP, I had the problems outlined in my earlier post. on x64 it went straight through without any problems. Either way, it’s certainly not a deal breaker and once working, seems quite stable. It’s interesting to see how CP is changing the rule requirements for system services.

I split the posts about the CIS beta for Win 8 CP from the Avast7/CIS topic into this new topic.

This way we have a beta topic about CIS beta for Win 8 CP.

A couple of things:

  1. Installation of CIS doesn’t disable Windows Firewall, although it does register itself in Action Centre.
  2. Svchost seems to be picking-up NetBIOS connections, whereas the actual connection is against the System process.

Question: How will CIS deal with rules for Metro Application packages?

Installed fine here, on Win8 x64 Consumer Preview build 8250.

There seems to be an issue though with code integrity checking.

Security Audit event Issue:;topic=83044.0;attach=79474

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