CIS Best Feature of The Year 2015

Hello Everybody! :slight_smile:

We wish our precious CIS users a wonderful Happy New Year !

New Year will come with the new beginnings, fresh starts and joyful experiences with the new features & new products for CIS Users ! By the end of the year you have met with our new product Comodo Cloud AV. We are preparing for its major release that will be done by the mid of January.

With the first quarter of the year you will also meet with the new version of CIS ; CIS 9. We are very excited to share with you our new upcoming design!

So while we are about to leave one wonderful year behind, we would like to thank all of you for being a part of Comodo and CIS product, thank you so much all for your feedbacks , bug reports and wish reports!!!

Let us know which feature of CIS was the best feature of the year 2015 ?

Which feature you use the most within year 2015 ? Do you think it should be improved ? If yes, in what ways ? :-La

Waiting for your replies !

Thank you very much,

Kind Regards

Thank you Buket for your good words :slight_smile: Also, I wish you (all of you guys at here) a happy new year :■■■■

Of course the best feature was “Auto-Sandbox with a huge whitelist” ıt tastes like a anti-executable :-TU

been using COMODO products since they’re start, other than the usual uninstall/reinstall headaches CIS has been doing well.

My only real pain is the main GUI, can we finally see a “resealable” GUI with V9, ???

Thank you Buket and many happy returns.

Thank you Buket!

First of all I want to express my deepest gratitude to Comodo team for their great work.

As for your question I actually like two features in Comodo - HIPS and Firewall with various settings. I hope their development won’t stop.

Best wishes

Happy New Year to you too, Buket :slight_smile:
Please can you tell us when the beta of CIS 9 will be available?
Cannot wait to try it.

I think the CIS Sandbox is the best feature. It really is the core of the product I feel.

I do not know how to improve that part of the program. Maybe improve phishing and dangerous website detection.

For 2016 though, I would love to see Comodo Backup / cDrive / cCloud get some maintenance updates and improvements. Work seems to have been halted on it.

There is your answer.
There will be NO specific date issued.
Do not ask for one!

Ok, I thought it was related to the final version of CIS 9 since in another topic she told the beta would have come in December.
Anyway, Dennis2 told me to ask about it in this topic, that’s why I did.

Happy New Year to all at Comodo, and everyone on here too.

The best feature of CIS bar none is the sandbox. Please keep improving your containment technology!

Best feature of year 2015 for me is the Auto-Sandbox.

Happy new year to all of you guys… The most best feature goes to “Virtual Desktop” for me… I like it very much and it’s very useful…

Best: HIPS
Worst: GUI

Best: Defense+ module
Worst: Training Modes => rules created by Training Mode disappear (this has been reported prior to version 7)

The best feature is HIPS, I do love it, very useful and powerful. :-TU

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HIPS for me, just wish it’d work inside the sandbox as well.

Thank you Buket!

I think the sandbox of CIS is its best feature! And I wish for an improvement in viruscope to help users verdict the unknown files.

:smiley: I’m also looking forward to see the standalone sandbox.

Defense+ and HIPS!