CIS behaving like Interactive Service

May i ask why is CIS 5.10 behaving like it has Interactive Service which is not allowed anymore on Win7 systems? The module in question is “guard64.dll” which seems to cause this.

Latest CIS 5.10 with advanced thingie enabled in Defense+ module that’s suppose to improve things under 64bit systems.


I think that should be answered by one of the Devs.

Indeed. However, I think RejZoR is perhaps confusing “is not allowed” with “should not be used” for Vista and above (source []).

Thinking about it, RejZoR why do you think guard64.dll is an Interactive Service?

I’m not running x64 at the moment, myself. I know guardnn.dll hooks into all the API’s and is loaded via AppInit_DLL (which generates a warning event entry these days)… but, that’s about it. What’s indicating that guard64.dll is an “Interactive Service” as such?

Maybe because Windows reported it to be an interactive service? I didn’t made this up, i read it in teh Event Viewer logs…

??? I gathered as much and I certainly didn’t state, or imply, otherwise. Please provide a copy of the Event entry, thanks.