CIS Background Service Leftovers After Uninstalling

The attached image is a screen shot from a RegSeeker scan. It shows all service entries that CIS leaves behind after uninstallation. I would prefer these entries, as well as some obsolete CIS .exe entries, to be removed by the CIS uninstaller.

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If so, then should we put this on Comodo or M$? I’m leaning towards Comodo since, after all, the entries wouldn’t be there if CIS hadn’t been uninstalled. (:TNG)

The ControlSet00’s are for the “Last Known Good” configuration thingy. I don’t think you should delete that stuff just because you uninstalled something.

Still they are obviously related to the uninstalled cmdagent etc.


According to Total Uninstall on my system these legacy keys are created during the CFP/CIS installation. .When I uninstall they are removed by Total Uninstall. The Comodo Uninstall program
does not understand what zero footprint means. Someday maybe.


No uninstall will strip entries out of the Last Known Good Control Sets. Besides nothing but the OS adds stuff to those Control Sets anyway. I think you’re forgetting that a Last Know Good config may well have what was uninstalled (including all the files/data).

Ah, now I get it. It’s not Comodo’s fault that Windows creates the Last Known Good Control Sets and doesn’t clear them when they’re obsolete.


Nearly. Yes, it’s nothing to do with Comodo. But, certainly not “obsolete”. After all, you’d hardly call the files contained within a System Restore point obsolete.

To me they are obsolete as long as CIS is no longer present! I don’t use System Restore so I can’t revert anything on my system.


Are you using XP or Vista these days? Problem of some Comodo miniports still being unremovable on Vista without going to “God Mode” regedit still exists, and wondered if Total Uninstaller might fix it? Interesting that it isn’t a Comodo problem no matter what is observed. Ed.


I’m still on XP. I installed Vsta and played with it for a while. I guess I’ll have to install again if want to use it since 30 days have gone by since I last booted it. Total Install has no problem removing read/only reg keys such as the legacy ones mentioned. If something is in use or locked, the stuff will get removed on reboot. I believe TU supports Vista. TU has a trial period of 30 days.