CIS AV updates have been improved in a recent definition update!

There was a recent definition update, which would of updated your computer to Database version 771 (Currently it’s 780). But the update does ask you for a reboot, a little balloon message will ask you to reboot your PC for updates to take effect, then you will see DB version 771.

This update includes a fix for AV Updates not working under some circumstances, they are either too slow or won’t update at all. Now, If you reinstall CIS and download & install the latest .439 build, When you do a manual update after restarting after the installation of CIS, you will notice the update should only take a few minutes, then it will ask you to reboot:

After that reboot, for those who had AV update problems and reported it, all should be well now. On a fresh CIS install, the updates should be around 3-6 mins (which then asks you for a reboot) rather then before it was way longer and sometimes could take up to 30 mins. So now for each definition update, it should now take just seconds (And yes, 4,000 signatures are released to your PC each update on a daily basis, on average). This was specifically tested by Ronny and myself, And Egemen has told me that this definition update that asks you to reboot, does fix the update problem not working and also improving updates it self.

I hope this the case for all of you too! :slight_smile:


Thanks, Josh.

Updates are much faster now. :-TU


I wasn’t suffering from the mentioned problems. I am just curious to what was done that it updates faster now. Is it client or server side etc…?(:NRD)

Oh yes baby!!!
TWO SECONDS that’s the time it took to do the latest update. EXTREMELY FAST.


Cheers, J_G

It’s The Server Side :slight_smile:
The Infrastructure Was Rebuilt

Interesing…I tried this on two different installs (one virtual and one real), and neither asked me to reboot. And both updated to 780+. Is the reboot expected on every update from below 771 to above 771, or only those with the problem?

Only those below 771 will receive the window/balloon message to reboot. These people will recieve the fix and improved updates, those above 771, Which now the AV DB is v781, already have the benefit of the improved updates thanks to new the infrastructure.


The reboot is only for 771
Two computers for me asked for reboot for this update one XP did not.

After reboot is when the Inactive AV problems start…I d/l CIS from the products page of Comodo last night and the AV DB on the fresh d/l is 668 (If i remember right)…so new customers to CIS will not be AV protected.
Obviously this bug needs to be fixed ASAP ;D

I have to say though my other com has current db of 781 and CIS is running sweet :SMLR :■■■■

Lightning fast updates now…not that they were too slow before…for me anyway!

Again, I find this interesting. Both computers were below 771 and I was never asked to reboot when they went past 771. But my registry entries already matched the desired outcomes (they did from the install already–I didn’t have to manually change them).

Is not asking for the reboot a bug, or just showing that I was already updating at the normal speed?

As a point of interest roughly how many signatures are there in CIS now?

How many sigs are there in a Sig. Database Version.

Like 3xist said, around 4,000 a day are released but you can’t tell by looking at the database number because it varies.

Melih has stated on average, 4,000 sigs get released a day to your PC. The speed is fantastic! For those having AV initializing problems, The bug thread is here:

Pls post full system details, and security software installed. :slight_smile:


I wonder were they get most of the sigs…from the Malware Research Group (probably not, we only submit about ~10-15 per day), malware collectors, users submitting suspicious files, Comodo guys looking for malware in the wild, etc. :THNK

From what I understand, Comodo have enough analysts to handle:
a) Malware sent to him via forum or email (Remember alot of malware get sent through email)
b) The latest malware.

Comodo also use some smart auto techniques to automatically analyze and classify malware. Melih can correct me if I’m wrong.