CIS AV Scanning Mode

Why is CIS AV Scanning Mode using an iMac/Apple Monitor Icon? 88)

I’m not sure which icon you are talking about. Any chance of a screenshot?

I’ll take a guess at the reason though… They got the icon from the same place?

I’m using XP Pro/SP3 when scanning for a virus there is an animated icon that looks like a iMac/Apple Monitor.

Run it and see for yourself :wink:

You mean the screen in the picture bellow.

It kind of looks like a Mac screen.

[attachment deleted by admin]

That’s the one 8)

Now why Mac Like?

Why not a digital bug hunt icon?

Just looks like a generic LCD display to me. I can go to any computer store and see lots that look like this. (And no, not looking at Macs)

It is a more expensive monitor sold by several computer LCD manufacturers. It usually specializes in 2560 x 1600 resolution cinema display. I saw a Mac and a Sony monitor like that before.