CIS AV Quantines windows application

CIS AV has blocked and quantined a trusted windows application / back up and restore. Listing it as a backdoor IRC cloner, now my pc won’t back up files. I’ve had CIS since it came out and haven’t had a problem with my auto backups until Dec. 11, 2008

Are you able to restore the file?

Welcome to the forum Conny :slight_smile:
Please post your false positive Here
Thank you

I was able to restore file but CIS just quantined it again. 2nd time I tried to restore it I accidently hit clear instead of restore. Afraid of what I might have just deleted I tried to back-up again and it worked. Don’t know enough about computers to be much help sorry.

Dennis thnx for the response, but I’m not sure I have a false positive?

If you can post the name of the file and where it is someone will tell you if it is a false positive.
Something like this C:\Windows\System32\file name.
Thank you

I discovered Heuristics flagged and wanted to quarantine every file in my Windows/install folder.
I made this folder an exclusion to resolve the issue.
If this is a FP on your system, you should be able to do the same, then restore the program with no further issues.