CIS AV on par with Avast

Good to see in this test/demo CIS AV alone context-menu scan stops similar numbers as Avast and more than Avira.

Nice… :slight_smile:
Avast and Bitdefender are popular ones and many security solutions like GData like to have them…
Congrats, Comodo team… :-TU

What is the point of watching a video where the tester himself yawns (literally) of boredom when a quick glance at a few numbers would give you the message ?

Perhaps because a quick glance at a few numbers would reveal a glaring lack of documented, standardized procedures.

There are good testing organizations out there and some of them are providing free results. Just don’t expect to find them on youtube.

Jajajaja this tests are useles for this purpose, he is using an insignificant sample size.

If Comodo really want to demonstrate something they should participate in AV-C or any other reputable testing company.

During years I have only seen Comodo hiding his AV for being tested by any serious company.

BTW in the part 2 Avast vs Avira vs Comodo vs Panda AV Test Part 2 - YouTube

Minute 2:31 this file called softonic is a FP, is a safe web installer.

That happens when an AV is not tested by professionals.

Hi vix123

What is the point to be disrespectful ?

Sure there are many “testing organizations” we may or may not believe in their results/conclusions Anyway, those results can be wrong the next minute they were published , because many parameters are changed already : different DBs; new features; fresh or modified malware (the same which was tested) ; etc.

… and yes, we are not expecting to find them on youtube

At the same time, we can see Languy’s videos / different tests …/ multiple security solutions / comparisons / and so on & so forth.
Actually so many of those videos that he can be “a little bit” tiered sometimes

You may criticize and express your opinion if you want – that’s you right, but it would be nice if that is something constructive rather than ……

My regards

These youtube tests can be good as a curiosity but take any conclusion “like this AV is better than this one” or “this AV is as good as this other”, like the purpose of this thread is a complete mistake.

[at] Everyone,

Please bear in mind the following;

Languy has NEVER presented himself as a professional malware tester
He is not part of a professional testing organization
He is not paid by anyone (including comodo) to do these tests
He was doing these tests BEFORE he became a moderator on these forums
He tests products other than Comodo products

What he presents is his personal opinion. He is entitled to his personal opinion, just as we all are. We don’t have to agree with it. We don’t have to like it. It is just an opinion.

Opinions should be used to either allow you to examine something from a different angle or to re-examine and confirm your own perspective.

By all means, argue against his opinion. DO NOT base your argument, however, on the person.

Ad hominem attacks are not permitted, as per the forums Terms and Conditions.

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. While we encourage the open expression of opinions, stating your opinion 4,142,653,669,324 times does not make your opinion carry more weight. It can come across as repetitive, one dimensional and a tad retentive. :wink:

Hi lordraiden

I do agree with you completely!

At the same time,
1st, there is more that just “curiosity”. Users can get much more by watching them & they can find many positives from those videos
Then, I haven’t heard that Languy99 ever claimed that those videos should be taken as an Ultimate Truth including the conclusions about the videos dedicated to Comodo only

Finally, my message was basically triggered by the remark that I found undeservedly disrespectful toward the author of the videos, who are spending his own time & doing good job, which is no matter what is helpful.


I wasn’t disrespectful. The guy does yawn at 2:30

Most of us do: as these people invest their time, expertise, capital and reputation (they use their real names) they are bound to do good enough work. When they ■■■■■ up they face consequences: Sergei Illyin did when it was proven he was working for Kaspersky; Ken Feinstein did when he used simulated viruses.

There is a reason VB100, AV-comparatives, AV-test etc have earned their reputation: they had (and have) something tangible to lose besides the hassle of creating a new youtube account.

Actually I am criticizing those who take these videos more seriously than they should.

Who cares?..
He’s doing his videos a little bit late in the evening, and you thought he yawn because of boredom.
It’s easy to critize when you do nothing.

and to quote yourself in context

What is the point of watching a video where the tester himself yawns (literally) of boredom when ....

I can easily see how your original post could be interpreted as disrespectful.

Ewen :slight_smile:

How can that be that CIS and CAV are both middle of the road?

I have used the Firewall and Defense +. They are great products. I figure the AV will get better and better. Just a matter of time.

That image was posted here 4-5 times already 88) I think
and it is indeed reflecting the real situation - as things now stand

Low rate of detection & absolutely unacceptable enormous rate of FPs