CIS AV not scanning single files.

Ronniey has asked me to post this here in the bugreport forum. When downloading files from the internet to my desktop I find that the AV part of CIS is not scanning them. Setting the AV to scan a folder of approx 25 .wma files it will scan three only. Rather than me write the same thing twice I suggest you read my thread “Single File Scan Question” in the Help section under Antivirus help. Hope you can fix this bug soon as I would like to uninstall Avira again and enable CIS AV instead.

Here is a link to my original post on this topic in the AV/Help section of the CIS forum.

I did a test with this issue. Confirmed: a folder containing +500 music files. Only 25 files has been showed at the end report (using context-menu scan)

In my original post in the AV help forum at the link in my second post EricJH has just replied that Comodo doesn’t check files larger than 20mb. All the files that I found weren’t checked on my PC were over 20mb. Can we manually alter the setting in the AV or is this not possible?, if possible what would Comodo recommend it be set to for single files?.

That limit can be changed under Antivirus → Scanner settings for Real time, Manual and Scheduled scanning.