CIS Autostart makes Windows 10 freezes at startup


I just installed CIS on Windows 10 (Build 14393.693). When I log on to my session, only the default system icons appears in the notification bar. The HD run a bit, but stop after few seconds. The desktop appears ok. But as soon as I want to do anything, it takes forever. I can’t open the ctrl+alt+del menu. Even the start button takes forever to open. I have to do a hard reset to get it unfreeze.

The Comodo icons never show up even after over 15 minutes wait.

In safe mode everything is normal.

I tried disabling every startup program except COMODO autostart (cistray.exe) and the same thing happens.

Can you help?
Than you,

EDIT: I tried disabling COMODO autostart with CCleaner tool and Windows and COMODO starts like normal…

Hi Simoncl,

Please provide dumps for the process cis.exe and cmdagwnt.exe with the help of KillSwitch.

Dumps provide assist in investigating the issue.

Kind Regards,

Here’s the dump. I didn’t find cmdagwnt.exe. I found cmdagent instead. I also included a snapshot of the startup manager. You’ll see I disable cistray.

PremJK did you find something?

  1. Configure system to record complete memory dump:
  2. Open Notepad > Copy & Paste below content




Select “File” menu > “Save As…” menu item > At “Save as type” field, select “All Files (.)” > At “File name” field, type : name.reg
Run name.reg file which you saved previously & Restart system

  1. Wait for system freeze
  2. Hold down the RIGHT Ctrl Key and press Scr Lk key twice in order to trigger BSOD
    note: try it multiple times if it doesn’t work
  3. Please archive and provide following file via PM : C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP


I tried to re-enable the autostart of COMODO and restart my computer. It started normally! The problem seems to have disappear.

Thank you anyway for you time!