CIS automatically quarantines safe files

I’m Comodo user but I don’t use CIS because it’s too much security and too little user’s choice. I had CIS trial installed and it didn’t last more than 20 minutes on my PC. It erased all unsigned executables I had installed and all of them were from trusted sources, freewares, that I’ve used for years and that are known to be clean programs. Like Pazera’s converter, for example. Even the program Produkey, which shows you the serial numbers of already installed programs (if you have entered a numer during installation). Produkey is not a serial number stealing program, it just shows you what’s already there, if for example you’ve lost or damaged your CD and can’t remember the key. It’s a freeware program I’ve used for a few years already and CIS’s first task after updating was to erase Pazera’s exe along with 15 other executables, Produkey’s included. I’m surprised it didn’t remove Total Commander’s exe as well.
CF at least gives me a chance to decide what I wanna do. CIS doesn’t. None of the erased executables was detected as a threat by any of the previous AV softwares I’ve had on my computer in the last 5 years.

By default CIS automatically quarantines all detected applications. Personally, I agree with you. I think every user should have the option to ignore it from the moment it’s installed.

However, you can easily uncheck that option in the AV settings. If you do that nothing will be removed without your permission.

Also, to make sure this doesn’t happen again, you can report all false positives on this page. All which they say are not false positives you can manually exclude through the AV alerts.

But please note that by “removed”, the files are only quarantined they are still on your system and can be restored. CIS will not delete (erase) anything without you telling it to do so.

In my case restoring didn’t change anything. Since I’m now with CF 6.x I decided to try this on my sister’s computer. There it did the same with some of the executables, including Produkey’s. After about an hour in searching in the ridiculously hard to operate program menu I finally was able to restore the exe. When I clicked on it to start it I got a message “The program can not be started” and when I clicked OK the exe disappeared.

You need to also change the setting for the AV such that it no longer automatically quarantines detected applications. Otherwise the restored executable will automatically be quarantined again.

CIS 6 release mentions “NEW! Ability to exclude files while restoring from quarantine”, what does this mean? I guess while restoring from quarantine you can exclude at the same time, m I right?

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When you go to quarantine and restore a file it will ask if you want to add it to the av exclusions, press yes and the file wont be detected anymore.