CIS automatically move unknown files to the safe files list

1.panda cloud antivirus detect the files in the unrecognized list as malwares

2.then panda cloud antivirus quarantines them

3.I restore the files from the panda cloud antivirus

4.then, I check the unrecognized files list, the files disappear

5.the files are in the safe files list :o

Can you upload the file to Virus Total Valkyrie and CIMA and leave the links to the reports here?

I think that is a bug for CIS with panda cloud antivirus installed.

I checked the file with Virus Total and it looks like it could be malware.

Please report this file Report trusted and whitelisted malwares here! [Don’t attach Live Malware !!] as described in the start post of that topic.

You should choose only one real-time scanner.
If you want to keep Panda, turn off Comodo AV.