CIS Antivirus slows down Kodi, exception (.exe and path) won't work


I’m using CIS quiet a lot of time and I’m very happy with it.
But since a week or two CIS makes Kodi hanging during video playback,
sometimes just while browsing the Kodi GUI without doing any playback.

If I deactivate the Antivirus - all is fine.
So I added Kodi (the .exe and the folder with all installation files) to the exception list of CIS, but it seems to be not working, Kodi is still hanging when Antivirus is activated.
So actually I have CIS permanentely deactivated so I can use my HTPC and this is not very satisfying.

My system:

  • Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit, all updates
  • Comodo Internet security v8.2.0.4978, signature: 24736
  • Kodi: v15 Isengard
  • AMD Athlon 5350 quadcore, 8GB DDR3 Ram, SSD with Windows and Kodi program files (media data is on separate HDD)

Does anybody have an idea what’s the problem with kodi or why the exception won’t work? Or how to fix this another way?

thanks and regards - Stefan

I’ve been running KODI 16.1 with no issues.

I just updated to Kodi 16.1 RC2 and problem is still there.

Not with all videofiles, just with some of them, actually with two TV series I’m watching. Ohne is 1080p at .mkw and the other is low quality .avi

Now I noticed that problem is “solved” if I kill the cavwp.exe (no scheduled scan running)

Still no good solution.
Killing the cavwp.exe is not working because the .exe appears after few minutes and video still hangs.

Till someone knows a solution I have CIS deaktivated, maybe I will look for another AV Suite.

To what exception list did you add Kodi?

Antivirus → Exception

I think it’s called so, I’m using German version of CIS and the exception list is “Antivirus → Ausnahmen”

Add the application to the excluded applications exclusion tab ref:Exclude Files / Applications to Scan, PC Antivirus | Internet Security Help see if that helps.

Yes I did so.

The path and the running task.

But doesn’t work, even when AV is deaktivated for some time.

Is there any hidden option to ignore some file extensions?
So I could set CIS to ignore .avi and .mkv and maybe this would solve the problem

Did you add Kodi to the Excluded Applications (as opposed to Excluded Paths)?


They look good. It looks like the problem is with specific media type or files that you are playing. Do you have more examples of videos that upset the AV? I am wondering if we could find a common denominator for a bug report. Do you have other security programs installed? Which one(s) are running in the background alongside CIS?