CIS Antivirus Scan Exclusion Non-Functional

Hi guys:
Cicero P4, 2.4 Ghz, Dual Memory Channel with Hyper Threading technology & 1.5 GB Memory
OS=Windows XP Home SP3 32 Bit
Security= CIS 3.5.53896.424 (32 bit), MBAM on demand only, Sandboxie (Not running on virus scan)

Exclusion list regardless where it’s applied is ignored by the scanner rendering the scan time much longer than necessary, this has definitely got to be addressed and corrected quickly otherwise this feature is totally useless.
Other than this, CIS rocks :wink:
Screen shot attached

Regards & Cheers :■■■■
Xman (:KWL)

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I came across this too.
This is another 1st priority bug if you ask me.
I hope Comodo can continue to give the proper support as usual and release a bug fix release asap.

I noticed that too.


I have noticed this too. Even with the default settings it still scans recycler

All My exclusions are working fine, no problems

There was supposed to be an update today fixing bugs, right?

Oh well, it comes when it comes. :wink:

Thats what i thought i haven’t seen it yet ether when updates come do they install automatic?

I don’t really know b/c I have never had a program update yet. ;D I think it will if you have that option enabled in Settings.

Confirmed here as well. However custom scans seem to work fine.
XP Home 32 Bit. CIS, BoC,

When you say Exclusions are you speaking of AV file exclusion or something different as if that’s the case mine is working ok as i excluded a file from scan yesterday and it has not been detected by resident shield or antivirus again.

I can confirm this. I have checked with Sysinternals Process Monitor and although excluded files are not detected they are still being scanned. On my work with 4 computers i had to disable real-time scanning because the administration program was running too slow, and i have all files from that program excluded.


You’re lucky man…

I think exlusion list is same for realtime and manual scanning too, isn’t it?
I have some directories in the list (for example " D:\MP3* " ), but manual scan absolutely ignore this and scan files in those directories.

Does mean " * " all files in directory and subdirectories?

I can say the same.

The real time scan actually causes a shared tsclient folder/drive (through remote desktop) to crash the host computer. It works fine with CAV set to disabled. So i set the//tsclient/* to be excluded but still scans it…

Hope this gets sorted soon or i will have to go back to my old heavy memory eating AV.


For now exclusions does not mean the file is not scanned - it means the file is not assumed as malware. So if scanner has found some False Positive - you can exclude it so you will no be alerted about this file.

Ahh Ok so it isn’t really excluding an area to scan just telling it to not bug you with things it thinks are bad files…Well that helps I was about to post something on this and ask if I did something wrong.

Hope you guys plan to add a exclude an area from the scan option soon I have some big folders full of videos and it wants to scan all those every time and they take forever to get past.

-Thanks CIS is really nice though I stopped using my standalone Comodo firewall and av programs do to proformance issues I was having with them then once you guys released CIS I went right back to check it out and it handles everything so much better doesn’t slow my system down much at all.

Hope you guys plan to add a exclude an area from the scan option soon I have some big folders full of videos and it wants to scan all those every time and they take forever to get past.

I couldn’t agree more. I don’t want CAV to scan music and movies collection, as
doing so takes forever. So PLEASE add an option to exclude folders/files from being
scanned at all.


I second that, it would make an already superb product better.

I too have moved from my old combo of FW & AV across all 4 of my machines to CIS.