CIS Antivirus Not getting detect by Windows 7

How do I get Windows to detect CIS Antivirus. I have noticed since the early versions of CIS. That windows 7 does detect it.

On what I mean if you Right click My Computer,then Properties, and clicking on Windows Experience Index that brings you to Performance Information and tools. If you press Advance tools on the left hand side of that screen it takes you to Advance tools area. On this screen scroll down to Generate a system health report.

So on Pressing that it runs a Diagnostic of you system for 60 seconds before it Generates a report of your system.

And this what is shows via the screen shot:

So it would good to know how to fix it or not.



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Hi Nige_40,
I have noticed this almost forever with numerous AV products, sorry I have no answer though.
IMO I say the Generate a system health report for Windows is flaky when it comes to Anti-malware diagnosing.

The Windows Action Center is contradictory but correct, because this detects Comodo as active.

Further enough Captainsticks. I kind of thought that there is no solution for this, so I will leave it and not worry what Windows say. I’m happy to know that everything works anyways even though system health report says it not.

Thanks anyway



You are welcome Nige_40, sometimes it is nice to know that your not alone with an issue. :slight_smile:

I suspect different Windows version or even Windows admin services could alter this.
It could even rely on something like Web shields or similar to be recognized.
I am not sure why, but I am sure it is nothing to worry about though.

Not intending on passing the buck, but if this is deep curiosity maybe MS could give some answers.

Edit: Found some additional information below from MS support,
System health report doesn’t detect antivirus programs in Windows 7

All the best to you.

Interesting Thanks for feedback captainsticks

Kind Regards