CIS Antivirus - Manual Update ?????

OK might be a silly question but

How do we update the Antivirus/Malware Definition MANUALLY (i.e. with no connection to the internet) ?

I’ll explain - I have a (very) old laptop that doesn’t have wireless & is never connected to the internet
I don’t have a router - so basically it’s a ‘stand-only’

I used this laptop mainly for ‘tryouts’ - software I think I may like but don’t want to uninstall existing software on my Main PC in case of problems (e.g I’ll have to uninstall my existing Antivirus to try a different manufacturer’s one etc - since you shouldn’t have 2 antivirus running at the same time).

So since I’ve used Comodo Firewall for a long time I thought I’ll try out the Security suite, but not on my main PC
(& yes I know I’ve already got the firewall - but I DID have trouble with the Antivirus program when it was in it’s early stages - so didn’t want to risk it)

Now since the Laptop is not connected to the internet in any way - I was wondering on HOW to update the definitions, so that IF I try out a program that turns out to be ‘suspect’ I want ‘Comodo Security’ to catch it (there may even be a time I MAY want to connect it to the internet but not in the foreseeable future)

Is there a webpage I can download the definitions

I’ve been to the Comodo Download page [] - but there’s nothing there for CAV or CIS (Except a CAV uninstall utility)

I’ve looked at the Comodo installation folder & I guess that all the definitions are stored in the ‘scanners’ folder - & if so I guess we could manually update by downloading the definitions & copying them into here

Can anyone help ???

AFAIK, there is currently nowhere to DL the sigs manually except straight from CIS.


Ah well that’s a shame.
Maybe this could be a suggestion & then the developers will then add a CIS/CAV section to the Download page