CIS Antivirus does my Hard Disk makes a lot of noise


I using Comodo Firewall a long time, and now CIS firewall. I like it very much, works fine in my laptop with only 512 mb ram. Yesterday I tried the CIS Antivirus, and work light, but when I started a scan of my pc, I notice that my hard disk makes a lot of noise. I used Kaspersky, Avira, Nod32, PcTools, and currently Avast!, and never has made such noises. I reinstall avast.
I would like to use CIS, for the low use of resources that has, but I’m afraid that could damage my hard drive.
My question is: It’s usual that the hard disk makes so much noise while using Cis antivirus?. Does anyone has noticed something similar?

Thanks for the best firewall. (V)


Hi Rolo

What kind of noise? Is it fan noise or hard drive searching noise? Can you describe it please. If it is your fans speeding up you may want to check your CPU usage and check it again with the A/V disabled temporarily.

Let us know


At some times the scan is moving so fast that it does sound like the drive is being damaged but using all the Comodo products available, and using 5 or 6 drives 250 to 750 to 1 T, it hasn’t damaged anything yet.

Not that it won’t but I just can’t face total loss on my system. I clone my C drive when I feel it is stable and it allows immediate switch if anything happens to the main drive. The 250’s, 400, 500, 750 and 1 Terabyte drives are all storage so very little is required of them.

I noticed CAV jumps around when it scans my drives. I suspect what you are hearing is the drive keeping up with CAV’s scan algorithms.
Your drive is safe.


Thanks for the answer. The noise I am referring to, comes from the hard disk, is the noise that normally done but increased a lot. I have a Toshiba laptop, with Fujitsu hard disk.