CIS/Antivirus corrupts Windows 8, requiring a factory reset

I just got an HP Envy with Windows 8 about a month ago. To make a long story short, I have found out the hard way that I can NOT put CIS or even Antivirus on my PC. If I do, I get a DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION which ultimately results in my having to do a factory reset. In addition to wiping all my personal files and requiring reinstalling everything, the process literally takes all night.

I really really hate this, because I love Comodo. But I cannot risk getting it running until whatever underlying problem is fixed. What’s going on? Has anyone else suffered this problem?

I have been running CIS on Windows 8 since Windows 8 was first released. I’m now running CIS on Windows 8.1 without problems.

I would take you computer back to the store and get them to thoroughly test it.

Your problem is unlikely to be caused by CIS. I think your laptop either has a hardware problem or buggy drivers.

I suggest you run memory diagnostics and hard disk diagnostics and monitor its temperature sensors while running stress testing s/w. You should also install the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s web site.

I think I already did some of that, but I’ll try again. I’ll just leave the diagnostics running while I work.

I found this through a google search.

Several things can cause a DPC Watchdog Violation to be triggered in Windows 8. One of the most common is an SSD drive that has old firmware not supported by Windows 8. Another likely cause is an outdated driver for one of your hardware components. For example, if your sound card driver does not support Windows 8, simply plugging in a set of headphones could produce a DPC Watchdog Violation error. While not as common, software installations that affect your system software could also lead to DPC Watchdog Violations and the corresponding blue screen of death.

How do I fix DPC Watchdog Violations?

If the errors are hardware related, the best thing to do is update the firmware of your components and the associated drivers. Firmware and driver updates are usually available in either the Support or Downloads section of most hardware manufacturers websites. If the errors are software related, you can either reinstall the program(s) you may think may have started producing the errors or use Windows’ “System Restore” function to fix potential system software issues.

I would also try the HP forums to see if anyone else is experiencing this. You may find that there has been a patch put out for that laptop.

I am getting the same error and it happened immediately after installing Comodo Security Suite. I installed Comodo Security Suite on my HP 2000 Notebook PC running Windows 8.1 and it said it needed to reboot for all changes to take effect. I noticed my taskbar was missing. I clicked yes and it attempted to reboot. It said it encountered a problem and was trying to fix it. and was unable to bring the computer back up. After that I would get nothing on my screen when booting. The odd thing is that if I take the battery out and disconnect all power I can plug it back in and boot up. It is short lived though as I get the DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION blue screen before I can even uninstall Comodo. I did go into safe mode and uninstall Privdog, but it does not let me uninstall Comodo in Safe Mode. I cannot reinstall the OS since the error occurs before I can do so. I guess I will try some more to uninstall Comodo and if unsuccessful, do the factory reset. Any advise would be appreciated.



Run this clean up tool (its used by the Geekbuddies) in Windows Safe Mode. That will uninstall CIS for you.

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I recently bought a HP Pavillion laptop for myself and a HP Envy for my wife and I’m getting the DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION bsod after installing CIS. This happens on BOTH laptops. BOTH laptops work just fine until I install CIS and restart.


Read through a couple of threads in HP forums. What I found out is:

-MANY people have the same problem with HP laptops (at least 2000, Envy and Pavillion) running Windows 8.1.

-HP does NOT offer a patch or any other solution for this.

Happened for me to on 2 windows 8 laptops from HP.

Had to re install windows :cry:

It must be only a problem on newer HP laptops. I have installed Win 8 on two older ones, one from 2005 and the other from 2011 and have had no problems using CIS on either one. Maybe it’s being caused by the newer UEFI technology which neither of my machines use.

Hi Dch48,
This issue looks more related to something HP specific.
I have a factory W 8.1 UEFI with no issues.
My system is a Toshiba though, not a HP.

Kind regards.

Well maybe it’s due to a modification of a Windows setting that HP has done. Most computer makers do alter Windows in some ways to work with their added things like recovery partitions and the like. However, making guesses at this point is like throwing things at the wall to see if they stick. :slight_smile: The UEFI thing was just that.

Your idea is good, as you say maybe something with the HP/UEFI combination.
Your input is appreciated to help rule in/out all possibilities, thanks. :-TU

These systems usually come with a security solution pre installed from Norton, McAfee or Kasperksy or so. When removing it before installing CIS it sometimes happens that not all components of that program get uninstalled. To be sure it is completely removed run the clean up tool from its maker. A list of such tools can be found here: ESET Knowledgebase .

Summary: Everything is now tested and evaluated - and a conclusion is reached.

I have now a running laptop.

I have had exactly the same problem as the participants in this thread:;msg760436#msg760436

I bought a demo HP Envy 17-j035eo

Screen Size 17.3 "Full HD LED Monitor
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
Processor Intel Core i7-4702MQ 2.2 GHz (3.2 GHz Turbo)
Processor Cores 4 cores - ideal for heavy duty applications
Cache 6 MB L3 cache for really good performance
Hyperthreading processor supports hyperthreading for better performance
Memory 12GB DDR3 RAM
Maximum memory 16 GB
Storage space 1000 GB

To make a very long story short.
I configured and uninstalled some crapware-programs from the laptop.
Everything behaved normally until I installed Comodo then the computer died with a bluescreen - quite accurately described in the link -
and refused to boot with a black, dead screen.
I then took out the battery and pressed the start button and put the battery back in.
I then booted the laptop but it froze immediately when I logged in - with no chanse to uninstall or do anything.

This was repeated many, many times and both Geeksupport, HP support and dealer support was involved with no results.
I then sent my computer back and got it back with the factory-installation again.
We had by then checked the graphics card - and I think we changed it -
and did not install the external drivers from the windows or from Nvidia this time, but only those from HP.
The same result again - all died when I installed Comodo.
No chanse to do anything. Even the restore didn´t function - not on laptop and not on restore-DVD:s - and HP support couldn´t get it back.

Finally - after many trips - I sent back the demo computer and got back a brand new HP computer of the same kind.
Started up - it worked great - configured and installed some perfectly normal and approved applications for Windows 8.
This time I didn´t uninstalled any softwares but the Norton Antivirus that came with the laptop. (I had my Comodo you know…:wink:
I then - maybe for the third time - installed Comodo Internet Security Complete with Geek Support - and the laptop died directly - dead - no screen -
failed to boot - freezes directly on reboot - restore and recovery does not work.

Start to see a pattern here…?

I then opened myself up the computer and took out the extra installed SSD disk for the operating system with the original disk HDD as second disk to store files in.
We thought about eliminating the second potential cause of the conflict - so I took out the SSD disk and put back the HDD disk on the original site - and started the computer.

Everything was going great - until I installed Comodo Internet Security Complete - then everything died as usual. Maybe I had got 30 blue screens by now .

Regarding scraps left over from Norton.
The first time I uninstalled Norton, I removed the program with all residues with Revo Uninstaller - but it did not change the matter -
the laptop died as usual when Comodo was installed.

I managed, however, this time around - restore the system and will now install the programs one last time - this time without Comodo.
Comodo seems clearly to be the cause. It works fine on my desktop but on this laptop it was dying as soon as I install Comodo - and in the same second.
I have now done this maybe 6-7 times and had a lot of trouble with a brand new computer - this has cost time, money and much trouble.
I’ve always liked Comodo but now I end my use of this security suite.

[i]I don´t feel like fiddle with this any longer - I had this rolling daily for more than two weeks.
I´d rather move on.

The only thing that possibly could make me stay would be a very easy fix -
like GeekBuddy would see too that all functions perfectly -
and the Comodo gurarantee - that could cover my costs.

Comodo’s Exclusive $500 Virus-Free Guarantee

If your PC gets infected by a virus after Comodo Internet Security Pro 7 is properly installed and registered,
our online GeekBuddy support technicians will restore your PC to working condition. If we cannot restore your
PC due to a virus infection, Comodo will cover up to $500 in repair costs, using an authorized repair center.

All supports on the laptop, HP and GeekSupport has been topnotch.
But it is very difficult - the laptop could crash anytime installing Comodo - and this seems to be a whole project with troubleshooting…
I don´t have more time for this and in the worst case the laptop go dead with no restore…
Must have something that installs directly with no error or total crashes on the laptop.[/i]

Sorry, I give up! :cry:


Before you give up there is one last thing I would like you to consider to try. Before you install CIS uninstall Norton Internet Security and reboot. Then run the Norton removal tool and reboot. Then try again. You can find the Norton removal tool linked here: ESET Knowledgebase .

The reason for asking is that sometimes when uninstalling security programs they leave behind a driver or service. This can cause unexpected interactions.

Hello… As you can see this is my first post but I was so upset when my computer crashed, to the point I thought I lost every ability to use my hard drive, one of the first things I would do when back online was go to Comodo and describe what happened. I see a number of people have had the same problem (with their HP computer) and I believe Dch48 is probably correct. Windows 8.1 also had problems with certain HP printer drivers causing the model I had to be totally useless so I’ll assume HP is the culprit with some unusual code.

Since most everything has been described I’ll keep it simple. I also got into my desktop after removing the battery first and after the second try quickly typed “msconfig” into the start menu’s ‘run’ where I had about half a minute to uncheck both Privacy Dog and Geek Buddy but deliberately left Comodo’s antivirus checked (I was curious). The machine crashed but when I got into my desktop again those two programs didn’t start just the antivirus and all has been well. I’ve since removed both of them from my system and now have a good antivirus and good working laptop.

That seems to narrow the issue down to a conflict with PrivDog or Geek Buddy (or both) and something on newer HP laptops. I would tend to think it’s PrivDog myself but I have no way to know.

I had issues browsing with Privacy Dog in the past and disable it.

I’ve been very pleased with Comodo’s browser and now also the antivirus. Great deals for free.

I have bluescreen of death with error : DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION, after installing Comodo IS.
I am using win 8.1 pro 64 bit (full version) on a Brand New Microsoft surface 3 pro tablet, i bought it yesterday didn’t install much else except for Comodo IS.
After uninstalling privdog i didn’t experience the blue screen error anymore.
Problem seems to be with privdog causing conflicts with some windows processes i don’t understand.

Is there a way to install Comodo without privdog?