CIS antivirus context doing nothing on CIS 7 and 8

So as the topic says the context menu of both cis 7 and 8 doesn’t do a thing when pressed, no window nothing.

Doing it from inside comodo however works like it’s supposed to, this started to happen out of nowhere, it’s not like it’s a death centance for my os copy but it is annoying.

Uninstalling and reinstalling does not help.

os win7 x64

Guess it was a windows update that did it cause today i got a small update for 7 and it was to remove a bad update, after that the sca window pops up ???

Thanks for letting us know that the removal of bad update, most likely KB 3004394, fixed it. I just replied in another topic where I asked to install that update to remove KB 3004394 to see if that is causing the problem in that topic.

Yes it seems the update was to remove KB 3004394, just checked.

Can you confirm it was KB3024777 that got installed? That is the one that removes KB3004394.

Yes confirmed it was KB3024777