CIS - Anti Virus database update problems

Hi guys, my name is Zack. I just downloaded CIS(AV+Firewall) version 5.3.
The firewall seems to be working fine, I have always loved the comodo firewall.
However the antivirus leaves something to be desired. I am sure in theory it is a great A/V, but I can’t seem to get it to update. It updates to about 5% then gives me the error " Failed to update the virus signature database. Please check your internet connection and try again later. " I spent about an hour and a half to two hours a piece on remote assistance with geek buddy tech support specialist. They couldn’t seem to fix the issue, so the last time they had me manually update the database by downloading the cav.base then going into safe mode and renaming the old cav.base to cav.old and putting the new cav.base into the directory. However, it’s still telling me my database is not updated fully. I still can’t update it, can someone help please? I’m considering the fact that I may have to use another A/V all together…My internet connection works perfectly for everything else besides this a/v.

My system…
Windows 7(64 bit) Ultimate
6 gigs of ram
AMD Phenom Quad Core processor - 2.20 GHz
583 GB HD
Hardwired into a DSL modem(5 mbps download/1 mbps upload)

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cav.base ???

I think you mean BASES.CAV

Do you or your Geek Buddy realise that there are TWO instances of BASES.CAV ?

One at
C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\scanners
which I believe is the working one

and the other at
C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\repair
which may be useful if the first one is broken.

Perhaps your Geek Buddy updated the wrong one.


Yeah I meant bases.cav, I replaced the one in scanners, he didn’t suggest the other one. I will have to try that. But I just got done with another 2 hour session to no avail, we did everything from looking at my IP settings to going through regedit, to the internet settings, to my router/modem settings. nothing seems to work, at the end he just started bouncing between things he had already done and nothing had worked. Any ideas?

what security software did you have before and what else are you running now other then CIS? Usually this can happen when an old security software leaves a driver or a registry key someplace.

To add to Languy’s comments.

May be left overs of previously installed security programs are in the way. Try using removal tools for those programs. Here is a list of removal tools for common av programs: ESET Knowledgebase .

Otherwise do a Google search with terms “removal tool” and * name of product or vendor*.

Firstly, since you have replaced the bases.cav file in c:\program files.…\scanners folder, you can be sure that the antivirus is up to date although it does not show the same in the Main window.This is common for manual/alternative update procedure.

Therefore, you can use the product without any worries, your av component should catch the latest viruses added to the latst database.

Now, check for any rootkits or other internet related errors. I would suggest you to do a full scan with Comodo Cleaning Essentials RC and GMER for rootkits.