CIS annoys you incessantly about the first virus scan

This program is a nightmare to work with.

I reinstalled because of a problem with the HIPS rules window closing so I decided on a clean install.

The icon has a yellow exclamation mark and the widget is screaming that it needs attention to scan my computer.

So far after I have updated the antivirus definitions, the program is DETERMINED to scan my computer after every reboot even after I have the scheduled scans completely disabled at every boot. I have the option to scan the computer memory on startup DISABLED.

We had this problem with the last version too, when GeekBuddy would popup even after disabling it.

If someone doesn’t want to scan their computer for viruses, that’s their prerogative, but don’t beat them over the head with a wooden spoon because of it.

How do I get Comodo to leave me alone and not bother me to scan my computer? My last resort is to uninstall the antivirus completely.

Running a quick scan fixes this issue and takes about ~2 minutes to complete… I think CIS would like to know if it ended up on an infected system.

But why scan the computer when CIS will detect a virus when it is run?

Yes when it’s run, but what if it where already running, it needs to verify the running state of the machine also.
So I guess that’s the reason they put it in there, they certainly didn’t put it in there for nothing if you ask me.

Small scan is ok.
Mandatory full scan was a pain. I changed the settings to cheat in front of the antivirus. It did scan like nothing, but thought it would have finished a full scan.
At least, i dont have to cheat no more :smiley:

I used to do that as well. :embarassed:

Me too… :smiley: