CIS and ZoneAlarm ForceField

Hi Guys

CIS: 3.9.95478.509; AV: Stateful; D+: Safe mode; Firewall Safe mode; configuration: Internet security.

ZoneAlarm ForceField: ZAFFSetupStub_13_153_000_en

OS: Windows Vista x64 SP1 home premium; UAC enabled

FireFox: Latest Build.

IE8: Latest Build.

CIS is crashing my computer because of ForceField. Every single time that I tried to install these two products together, I got the blue screen of death. I tried to install CIS first and then ForceField as well as as installing ForceField first and CIS second with the same blue screen of death result. Such a problem did not happen when I was using CIS v3.8 with ForceField.

It is true that I’m using Avira free on access alongside with CIS; however, I did a system recovery by re-installing Windows Vista and thereafter, install only CIS and ForceField, the problem still occurs. :cry:


Ditto. I encountered the same or similar problem on my Virtual PC virtual machine.

Vista SP2 32 bit UAC enabled.

CIS: 3.9.95478.509

Zone Alarm ForceField

Firefox 3.10


Less than 20 seconds after ForceField is installed I get a blue screen. Then when the computer is rebooted I get a blue screen soon after logging in to Windows.

If I recall correctly, a older version of ForceField was installed before I installed Comodo. I think after I first installed Comodo, everything was fine.

I encountered the same problem on a family member’s PC a little over a month ago. It is running Windows XP 32 bit. Don’t know what version of Comodo was on it at the time. Also not sure about the ForceField version but I know it was a previous version that was up to date at the time.

To solve the BSOD the both PCs can be booted in safe mode and ForceField can be uninstalled. I presume that if Comodo is uninstalled that ForceField would work if installed but I have not tested.

FYI, ForceField works fine with AVG Anti-Virus (non free version) on Vista 32 bit SP1 and SP2 UAC enabled. I’m looking to move away from AVG due to the cost and the poorer detection rates I keep reading about.