CIS and Windows 8.1 firewall

Here’s my question. I currently have Kaspersky Internet Security installed. KIS manages the Windows firewall. For the ‘store’ to work, Windows firewall has to remain running. KIS does this flawlessly. Will CIS do the same? My subscription for KIS runs out in 51 days. I used CIS on my old system until it died. When I bought this new system, KIS got thrown in for $15. The reason I want to move away from KIS is because the owner of the company (Russian) believes in censorship. So, I want to get another security suite. Since I’ve used CIS in the past and was well satisfied, I’m wondering if I’m able to use it again.


choose a product with a good support and high quality : now if you prefer CIS take it.

You shouldn’t need the actual Windows Firewall running in order to use the store, however I believe you need the Wndows Firewall Service running. Either way I’ve been using Windows 8.1 with CIS and never had any issues with the store, even after manually disabling Windows Firewall (not the service) (Did it manually since CIS leaves it alone by default on Windows 8 machines)