CIS and Windows 7 firewall


I have just installes CIS, after being away for some time… And so far, alot of great stuff have
been made to this… Thanks

But i have a question, that might have been asked before…

Why is it, that Windows 7 firewall is still active, after i have installed CIS…?? Should
that not be enabled, like alot of other security programs with a firewall does…??


I think it’s to prevent hacker to hack into your computer after CIS is installed.

For instance when you install Zonealarm, Zonealarm will disable windows firewall but you will also be vulnerable to hacker attack since Zonelaram needs a activation time. You are in other words vulnerable for beeing hacked during the activation time.

I am sorry if it sounds complicated and abit strange.

After CIS is installed you can without any problem disable Windows firewall; CIS starts when the computer boots.


if there is any chance of using IpV6 protocol by you then also enabling windows firewall is advisable.

doesn’t comodo also look after IpV6?

Annoyingly enough CIS does not disable Windows Firewall. It has been reported by some users it does disable under Windows XP.

IP v6 support is ready and is getting implemented. I think it should be there with the release of v5.1.

One of the improvements in W7 (and Server 2008 R2) over previous versions is that it allows 3rd-party installers to selectively disable only the features of W7 firewall that are adjudged to be incompatible.

This means that either CIS has disabled only conflicting elements while leaving the W7 firewall apparently still enabled, or that the CIS installer is not adequately written for W7.

Anyone know which it is?

The firewall does not rely on Windows Firewall or modules of it. The installer should simply disable Windows firewall. It has been asked over and over again but it seems Comodo forgets about it…:smiley: