CIS and Win 7 Firewall

Hi there.

This Question may have been asked in the past, but I will ask anyway.

With Running CIS, Do I need to have the Win7 Firewall running as well for extra protection?

Or with having them both running will slow my system down.

So Any Answers to my Question will be helpful thx.

When you install CIS it should disable the Windows firewall automatically, which is desired. However, there have been instances where, for whatever reason, this hasn’t happen, in which case, you should disable the Windows firewall manually.

You will not gain any benefit from running two firewall simultaneously, in fact, the opposite effect is more than likely.

Thanks for the Info. Radaghast.

I do have my Win 7 Firewall off. But I just thought I ask since I went onto my banking site. And it’s got all new security setup on their system. So I was about to login and a pop came up saying I had no Firewall enabled. Which I do and it’s Comodo.

So I left the site and rang them instead.

Sounds like the bank needs to update the list of firewalls of whatever software they are using.

Do you use an application to log in to your bank? Or do you use the browser and does it start a Java application? Just being curious here.

Hi EricJH.

No I just went to my Bank via my Browser. I have had no other issue apart from today, to when I was about to log in. Mind you the home page of this bank. (Which I won’t say for legal reason) said we have improved our security system. If you need help ring us. I maybe do or not. Depends on what you think EricJH.

So that is why I looked at my Firewall of my Computer system and it was off.
And that is where I came to post my first Question on the New Topic.

Did you verify that your banking connection was fully SSL protected? Yellow lock appeared on upper toolbar, etc…

When CIS is up and running and it is not reporting a problem then don’t believe the bank’s assessment. It sounds like they don’t know how to check for CIS.

Hi DonZ

Yeah On the home page where I wish to log-in you need to press OK then the URL of the bank turned green. Then the lock was shown, and then on the top right it shown bank logo then I looked at it by hovering over it showed my Identified by VeriSign.
So, I moved my mouse arrow onto Username and I was about to enter it in. Then all of a sudden a Pop-up showed. Saying Warning your system firewall is off. Please turn it on before you continue. Then under it, it said if you need help please call us. So that is where I closed the webpage. Then looked at my firewall and it was off. So I rang the bank in the end. I did not discuss my issue with them.

Good Point EricJH.

I understand what you are saying there.




Well, I see one problem here. How can a web browser connection turn off Comodo firewall? I will let the mods chime in on that one.

Do you have remote connections turned off in WIN 7?

BTW - are you running any bank provided security software like Prevx, Trusteer Rapport, or the like?

No DonZ.

I am just running CIS 5.5.195786.1383
I have IE8 and I don’t have any Remote running.

So its a big ???

I will try the bank site again In a day or so, and if I get the same issue I will ring them.

I will hang fire for now.

But thx for your help.