CIS and Webcall Direct VOIP

I use a voip program called webcalldirect. This has been working perfectly for several months. I tried to load it today and it will not let me. I feel like Ihave tried every combination of answers other than blocking e.g. trusted application, web browser, installer/uninstaller but it will not work and I keep getting alerts by the system tray as it is trying to connect.
Can anyone help me with the right settings for this. I have searched and found nothing.
I am assuming an update to CIS must have stopped it working as the prgram hasn’t changed at all.
I am using Vista Home Premium.

HI all. I’ve got same problem while installing voip on my system as well "showing error heur.suspicious[at]???. Please let me know also. Thanks


That sounds like the AV thinks the program is malware. See if it got quarantined; when that is the case restore it from quarantine.

NExt time the AV catches it choose to submit it to Comodo as a False Positive. When needed add it to the AV exclusions as well.

I assume you downloaded the program from a reputable source and that it is therefor not infected.