CIS and Utorrent Issue

I have the latest CIS 6 version 6.1.276867.2813
and AV database 16278
with my heuristics set at “medium”

Every time I launch utorrent (3.3 Build 29677) I get a virus alert from Comodo. This only occurs when you open up utorrent and Comodo is set to medium of above heuristics.

The detection is Heur.Packed.Unknown@4294967295
Comodo says detect but not quarantine in the logs.

Can anyone please try to reproduce this? Also I am unable to submit the detected file as it is a temp file and appears to delete itself shortly after its creation.

Here are some images of the issue, I could not attach the images to my post as I am having trouble doing so.

Try lowering your heuristics level to low (the default), raising this value increases possibility of false positives.

I did that, I’m back on “low” heuristics again. I just thought that there would be a way to fix the heuristics false positive issue on “medium”.