CIS and svchost.exe [RESOLVED]

Have been running CIS since installation yesterday without any problems. After installation, reboot and then signing in to my PC account the first pop up I got was one telling me svchost.exe wanted to call out and connect with another PC. Knowing from CFPv3 that svchost.exe is a genuine windows program and does need some sort of internet access in order to function I okayed it but left the remember box unticked. I then found that every time I signed into my account I got the same pop up asking for permission to allow svchost to connect to the internet. I have now ticked the remember box and no longer get it but thought I should ask here if this was ok and why does svchost.exe need to connect to the internet all the time I am on line?.

Normally, svchost.exe needs Internet access to obtain an IP-address (without one, you can’t connect to the Internet), DNS-queries (translate a URL into an IP) and to synchronize the clock. Also, it’s necessary to have svchost.exe connect to the Internet in order to update Windows. As long as the connections are outgoing, there’s nothing to worry about. However, there’s no need for incoming connections for svchost.exe.

See here. Be careful when messing with this since you may seriously impair your OS operation. :-La

Thanks for the replies guys just wanted to know if it was ok.

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