CIS and Rapport

Hello people. Hope you are not too stuffed after the xmas turkey.

It seems that my laptop is allergic to sandboxes. It gives BSOD’s caused by the graphics driver or something related.

So i cant use the kiosk for online banking etc.

I’ve got Rapport installed but according to their website it wont work unless you give CIS ‘‘access rights’’. I’m not really sure about doing that , leaving holes etc ?

Is there any quick way i can turn off CIS so i can use Rapport for just signing in to any important sites ?

If i wanted to give CIS the best protection for password protection is the default setting ok ?

And which anti keyloggers/screenshot software is compatible with CIS ?


Hello! LOL! :slight_smile:

I use Rapport with CIS 6 with no issues. In fact all CIS versions. Their site? Last time I read they were compatible. You prob confusing something. Rapport locks down the banking URL, makes sure you on the real site and locks down your transaction with the bank. CIS don’t cover this. I never even saw once CIS somehow not getting along with Rapport. If you mean something else get back to me.

Can you post what the website of Rapport states and/or provide the url to the page describing their advice?


Sincerely hope i’m wrong ,


Those screenshots are from the days of Comodo Antivirus Spyware and long out of date. I think they are from around 2006.

LOL! Back in time… :slight_smile: That’s when Rapport was not whitelisted/not getting along with Comodo in the past. Now you have no issues. Rapport works perfectly with CIS.

Great stuff. I’ll try and get to the bottom of why Rapport wont update.

So what should i make of this more recent thread ?

‘‘I have used both. Make sure that CIS excludes Trusteer processes and folder from all AV scans types (realtime, manual, scheduled), D+ and sandboxing’’;prev_next=next

Is excluding now not needed ?

From Buck Rogers in the 18th century.

Contact Rapport staff they will help you. I bet you 100% that the problem with the update in Rapport has nothing to do with CIS something else on your system not allowing that. Exclusion is not needed now.